Imperial Hall stands grandly on City Road, East London with its impressive ornate terracotta façade. However there is more to this Grade II-listed building than its aesthetically pleasing façade, the building is historically important with its story dating back over 100 years, to a time when the area was one of the poorest in the capital.

Previously known as the Leysian Mission operating as a trust it served the needs of the community with relief committees, feeding programmes, as well as social clubs and activities for over 85 years.

The building was sold in the 1980s and transformed into an impressive residential development now known as Imperial Hall.

In 2015 we were awarded the contract to refurbish both the Ground Floor/Reception area and the staircases, keeping in line with the initial state of the building and combining a modern touch with convenience.

The newly renovated reception area houses a central desk finished in liquid applied polished metal serving to be both functional as means for the concierge to have better communication with residents and is aesthetically pleasing with a beautiful chandelier hanging above.

Artwork showcasing the history of the building is displayed on each side of the reception desk using multiple panes of glass creating a 3D effect. One image is of the old Leysian Mission facade in 1810s and the other, the Victoria Concert Hall.

A timeline gallery displaying the historical evolution of Imperial Hall in its urban and political context is displayed in the annex leading to the resident’s post boxes.

Prior to the renovation in the 80’s the area standing above the reception area used to be a grand foyer leading to the to Victorian Concert Hall, sadly before the renovation it was an empty space simply leading to other stairs and corridors. Fake finishes from the 80’s were removed to reveal its pure form and the famous stained glass artwork which stood in darkness behind emergency lights were revealed. Benched with marble tops and large geometric copper pendants were also installed.

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